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You have been shopping online with dshopping.in to get discounts. Now shop through dshopping.in also to donate!

All of us, we want to donate. We love donating. But have you ever thought you could donate just by shopping online? Well, yes, now you can donate by shopping through dshopping.in.

dshopping.in brings to you 'Shop to Donate'. The 'd' in dshopping.in stands for deals and discounts. But, now it expands itself standing for donation too. With dshopping.in, you just shop but donate indirectly.

How does this work?

1. When you shop online with www.dshopping.in, the retailers share a percentage of profit and that's what we make.
2. Whatever we make, we give a percentage as donation.
3. So, the more you shop through dshopping.in, we and you together can donate more thereby helping India get better.
Simple as that!

This step by dshopping.in helps donate indirectly just by doing your normal online shopping. So, whenever you shop online make it a point to do it with www.dshopping.in for you not only save money but also donate.  

Where do you donate?

Education is the best we can give and so does the donation go to the following organization:

The Akanksha Foundation:


The Akanksha Foundation, founded by Shaheen Mistri, is a non-profit organization with a aim to provide children from low income communities with high-quality education helping them transform their lives. They provide strong educational foundation, teach values and help children improve their standard of living. They do this through schools and Akanksha centers. The foundation has 40 centers & 13 schools in Pune & Mumbai and is now reaching out to more than 4,000 children.



And more organizations to get added soon...


So, donation has now got easy with dshopping.in. Shop through dshopping.in and you can donate. Let us all do our normal activity - online shopping, and help children live extraordinary lives.

We know you would want to start right now. Start by browsing discount coupons or go to the stores page to see all stores or go to the categories page to see discounts across various catgeories.